(1) a submarine left hawaii two hours before an aircraft carrier. the


(1) A submarine left Hawaii two hours before an aircraft carrier. The vessels traveled in opposite directions. The aircraft carrier traveled at 25 mph for nine hours. After this time, the vessels were 280 mi. apart. Find the submarine’s speed.

(2) Chelsea left the White House and traveled toward the capital at an average speed of 34 km/h. Jasmine left at the same time and traveled in the opposite direction with an average speed of 65 km/h. Find the number of hours Jasmine needs to travel before they are 59.4 km apart.

(3)  Jose left the airport and traveled toward the mountains. Kayla left 2.1 hours later traveling 35mph faster in an effort to catch up to him. After 1.2 hours Kayla finally caught up. Find Jose’s average speed.